Vue JS 2 - The Full Guide by Real Apps

Vue JS is my favourite framework for building web apps. Vue 2 link best from Angular and React. Vue router & Vuex incl.

by Filip Jerga

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Course Requirements
  • No Vue JS previous knowledge is required!
  • Fundamentals in HTML and CSS, but isn't must have
  • Basic Javascript / ES6 knowledge is required
  • Basic Node JS knowledge - Server Lessons are Skippable
What you will learn
  • Develop powerful, modern, real-world web applications with Vue 2 JS and Node
  • Completely understand the processes and concepts of Vue 2 JS
  • Use gained knowledge to create your own Web Applications
  • Become fluent in concepts and tools like Vuex, MongoDb, Sockets, Authentication
Course Info

If you are planning to start your career as a developer or you just want to improve your programming skills, then this course is right for you.Get all you need to start web development in one course!

This resource is the only resource you need in order to start Web Development with Vue 2 JS and during this course you will get confidence and skills required to start your own projects. You will get the right mindset to apply for a developer career.

We will start very easily in first Vue JS project, in which we will create a layout of our application. I will explain to you how to create Vue components, data and methods. We will spent entire first section learning in improving in Vue JS concepts like data binding, data manipulation, event handling, state management and much more.

Furthermore, we will work on a simple store model that will help us to better understand Vuex in later sections. We will store data into our browser Local Storage.

After first project we will jump into a much bigger application. We will start to work on Vue Meetuper project. Application to create and join various Meetups. Very exciting!

Later in this course, we will take a look on authentication with JWT (json web tokens) and Session Authentication on the client/server side.

Next, we will work on a core application functionality to create Meetup. I will introduce you forms in Vue.js. We will integrate vuelidate plugin and we will validate our form inputs. You will get familiar with interactive forms (wizard form). We will not work only with with traditional inputs but I will show you how to integrate Datepicker and Timepicker inputs.

After the Meetup create section we will take a look on feature to join and leave Meetup.

We are still not finished yet. Next, we will work on feature to create threads and posts. This section will be very interesting because I will introduce Socket library.  Socket is a JavaScript library for realtime web applications. It enables realtime, bi-directional communication between web clients and servers. We will use it to create chat-like functionality. Users can create posts on thread, after post has been created all of the clients present in Meetup detail page will get their page updated in real time.

Development process is not finished with a post section. We will work on Profile page section. This section is dedicated to you only. I prepared series of assignments on which you will be able to create this feature by yourself.

In later sections we will work on feature to get location from IP address and we will use this location to improve UX on our page. We will lookup Meetups by this location, so every user entering our page has unique experience. I will show you how to create basic pagination, and we will be paginating threads on Meetup detail page.

We will finish course with meetup update feature. This feature again will be mostly created by you.

During this course we will be switching from our frontend application to our backend Node.js application.

NOTE: Node sections are completely optional, you are able to download server code and work only on Vue JS Application.