Vue Native - Practical Course

Apply knowledge of Vue JS to build native applications for Android and iOS with Vue Native. Learn how to use Vue Native.

by Filip Jerga

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Course Requirements
  • Basic Javascript knowledge is required
  • Basic Vue JS knowledge is required
  • Able to run Android Studio or Xcode
What you will learn
  • Develop modern, native mobile applications with Vue JS and Vue Native
  • Completely understand the processes and concepts of Vue Native
  • Use gained knowledge to create your own Mobile Applications
  • Become fluent in concepts and tools like Vuex, Authentication, Navigation
Course Info

Would you like to write  native applications for mobile phones but you don't have time to learn different programming languages? Well, here comes Vue Native!

You can write mobile apps in Javascript - Both for iOS and Android.

Vue is popular and well known framework for writing cutting edge web apps. Vue Native contains everything from Vue + provides you with components, API and functionality to build fully native mobile applications !. Just by writing code in Javascript you will experience development of native applications.

Vue Native provides you with tons of UI components, modern cutting edge stylings, icons, animations, transitions and much more. All of this you can access easily out of the box. Vue let's you focus on writing code instead of spending time to learn different languages for writing mobile applications.

There was never a better time than now to learn how to write native applications with Vue Native. Vue Native might be just a right choice for you.

My name is Filip Jerga. I am a freelance software engineer and course creator here on Udemy.

I will take you on a quick but a knowledge-grained tour of Vue Native. You will learn how to create an application usable in a real life. You will not spent endless hours watching boring presentation but rather writing real code. Learning by writing is the best way.

You will build an application connected to our own Meetuper API. We will go through basics of Vue Native.

Later, I will explain some of the UI Components. I will explain Vue Navigation and core concept of data manipulation. You will connect applications to Meetuper API. You will work on features like register and login, create meetup and much more. You will use native Async Storage to store auth tokens.

You will run application in android and as well in iOS.

In this course you will exactly learn:

  • What is Vue Native and what is a good for

  • Understand routing and navigation in application

  • Fetch data from Meetuper API

  • How to create a screen and display data in your app

  • You will understand Vuex and Props

  • How to use Vue Native UI components.

  • Create register an login functionalities

  • How to use Async Storage

  • Create Meetups

How does it sounds ? Let's find out if this course is right for you. I hope to see you in lectures.